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The Food Fund is a community-supported effort dedicated to discreetly identifying the needy in our midst and providing for their nutritional needs without injuring their dignity and pride. The Food Fund is almost entirely staffed by hand-picked volunteers.

The Food Fund pioneered the concept of providing ordinary, bank-issued credit cards to individuals and families in distress. These credit cards allow the beneficiaries to shop at all food stores - supermarkets, groceries, butchers, etc. - up to a prescribed monthly credit limit. The credit limit varies according the number of family members plus any special considerations that are taken into account.

Each case is handled with utmost sensitivity to the particulars of that family and household. This is especially necessary in cases of successful families that have fallen on hard times, and may need temporary assistance until they can get back on their feet.

The Food Fund model was developed and successfully deployed in the Metropolitan New York area. The Food Fund is currently working to cast a wider net by expanding its activities to Israel and wherever there may be Jews in need.

The Food Fund welcomes support from caring individuals, families and foundations who share its principles and are committed to the idea of tzedakah in its purest and most discreet form.


Executive Committee

David Sitt
Elliot Sutton
Rabbi Raymond Sultan

Fundraising Committee

Jackie Schweky
Morris Tawil
Michael Oved